SpotiMatch: match your song with playlists on Spotify

SpotiMatch is a FREE tool for Artists, Playlists Curators and Labels, that allows its users to match songs with independent playlists on Spotify.

With SpotiMatch, Spotify Artists and Curators are now able to identify the level of fit between a playlist and a song, with no time. Just in one click, SpotiMatch will show you a ranking of the most matching playlists for your song!

In this article I will show you how to use SpotiMatch.

  • How to match a playlist
  • How to read the SpotiMatch results
  • How to be included in your matched playlists

How to match a playlist

  1. Go to
  2. Login to Spotify.
  3. Copy the URL of your Spotify song and paste it in the input box (example:
  4. Choose and select the genre of your song (example: “piano”). It is very important to choose a genre compatible with your song for insure a high accuracy of the results.
  5. Click Search and find your Match!

How to read the results

On the same page, you will see a list of playlists popping up, ranked by match rate, express in percentage. For each matched playlists, SpotiMatch provides its title, the fit with your song (e.g. 82% MATCH), its number of followers and the potential reach of your song if it was included in that playlist.

Mouse over each playlists to see some details about the fit on each feature for your song: Danceability, Acousticness, Energy, Instrumentalness, Speechiness, Mood, Tempo.

How to be included in your matched playlists

Would you like to be included in a specific playlist or many of them? Use the chat on your right to answer some questions. The Clockbeats team will pitch your song on your behalf to a various number of playlists, taking into account the features, followers and performance of each playlist.


SpotiMatch is a FREE tool made by Clockbeats S.R.L. that uses Spotify data to calculate and display the fit between songs and playlists.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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