❀️ Today is officially 5 years of Clockbeats. ❀️

We wanted to thank all the Friends, Family Members, Artists, Labels who have been part of this fantastic adventure.

We did all this together:

  • One of the first Italian STARTUP founded through Kickstarter.
  • The birth of Clockbeats studios around Italy (Clockbeats Studio Brescia, Clockbeats Studio Bergamo etc.).
  • The first portal www.clockbeats.com that, through its failure, has taught us a lot and allowed us to do:
  • JAM - Shake your Sound, application that went viral in China and USA collecting millions of impressions.
  • The birth of Clockbeats Orchestra, with one of the first concerts in which we managed to modify the sound of an entire orchestra with a midi ring.
  • The International Organ Festival "G. Bonatti" - Rezzato, Bs with its fantastic organ and artists.
  • The first Coworking of active and automated recording studios, able to host up to 100 Artists per month.
  • Spotimatch, the first portal connecting thousands of artists to millions of playlists, online! ..... And much more.