Beggei decides to attend RECREATIVE 12, the best dj school in Milan. He takes part in courses taught by highly qualified teachers, that allow him to study and interiorize all the techniques of mixing and musical production. In Milan live the underground city, far from fashion and TV. This is the Milan of ideas and young people who create thick music, influenced by Trap and Drum & Bass.


Playing music is a bit like telling a story, especially that of ourselves, we musicians. In today's world music it's very complex to label an artist with a certain genre, and it's increasingly essential to be open to new influences and experiments. How does this affect your set and your productions?

Nowadays it is not possible to label the work of an artist with a certain genre, it is merely a convention. In my opinion we can only enrich our own production or our own DJ set by opening up to new genres. Any kind of experimentation positively influences my artistic path, acting like a mirror that reflects my life.

For years, one wonders what the key is for an artist to pervade the soul of the listener with his own music. Is there a secret?

There is no secret, the public who chooses to follow an artist clearly understands the concept of "emotion", especially the emotion that comes out from hiss production and his performances.


How does your musical idea come true? Is it a purely intuitive development or a largely structured one?

My musical ideas born mainly from an internal process, a sort of sound meditation that is embodied in a musical composition. My interest in electronic music is not only limited to digital work, but also tends to the re-elaboration of concrete sounds, derived from the idea of "Musique Concrete", according to Pierre Schaeffer.