There is a moment where it is inevitable to look in the mirror and understand who you really are and what you really want. Wash your face with cold water and look into your eyes. Pakkio Sans can be suffering and joy at the same time, it's our sensitivity, something that is born in a natural way. Something you know what it is now, what it was, but you do not know what it will be.

Playing music is a bit like telling a story, especially that of ourselves, we musicians. In today's world music it's very complex to label an artist with a certain genre, and it's increasingly essential to be open to new influences and experiments. How does this affect your set and your productions?

Everything around us affects what we do, especially in art, in music. We have the opportunity to live in a world without "distances". I was afreid to go beyond what I was doing, when in reality we grow day by well as in life, even in music. In my life, as in my music, I always try to understand when it's time to do one thing rather than another, I try to put my personality everywhere. I have always been criticized in my dj sets because of my decision to put long section of silence in my performance , but silence is also music. I'm talking about silence made by melodies, emotions.


For years, one wonders what the key is for an artist to pervade the soul of the listener with his own music. Is there a secret?

the secret is to be yourself. The truth brings us closer to everything and takes us away from everything, it's a bit of a contradiction, but if you're honest people will notice it. You must talk about yourself, be yourself. If I listen to you once, maybe I find you interesting, if I listen to you twice it means that I liked you, but if I listen to you three times, then I want to learn more, I like you, I go deep, I want to understand what's underneath, I'm curious to know you, it establishes a relationship that is different, unconsciously it is deeper, it has more to do with music, it binds itself to the person.


How does your musical idea come true? Is it a purely intuitive development or a largely structured one?

Let's say that initially I rely on intuition, ideas that pass through my head and what I feel in certein moments. Then I try to capture them and in one way or another make them alive. Normally I structure all the work to do, I try to cure everything in detail, but without losing naturaless. This is because, returning to the previous question, I try to be as true as possible.