Claudio De Tullio is an Italian Dj. He collaborated with international artists such as Madonna, Jazzanova, Kevin Saunderson, Black Coffee, Tania Vulcano, Joey Negro, Ricky Morrison, Terry Hunter, Miguel Campbell, Mark Knight, Frankie Knuckles, Kenny Carpenter, Dennis Ferrer, Dimitri From Paris, Reboot, Hector Romero, Quentin Harris, Ben Pearce, Pastaboys, Alex Blacks, Dennis Ferrer, Patrick Topping, Dino Lenny and many more. In 2016 he released his first album that includes the single "For My Life"

Playing music is a bit like telling a story, especially that of ourselves, we musicians. In today's world music it's very complex to label an artist with a certain genre, and it's increasingly essential to be open to new influences and experiments. How does this affect your set and your productions?

Emotion means "the return of memories". Telling a story means re-proposing an experience and memories in different perspectives. My DJ sets, like my productions, are full of passion. I love to explore and explore different genres without losing the importance of the main one: Soul. The preparation of my sets is essential. I want to give the public the best emotion.


For years, one wonders what the key is for an artist to pervade the soul of the listener with his own music. Is there a secret?

The answer is very simple: Personality. Only in this way we can be free from the reins held by the system. The risk is unquestionably a virtue of great artists.


How does your musical idea come true? Is it a purely intuitive development or a largely structured one?

Generally, I prefer to have an idea before starting to work, always without deadline, and with freedom. I do not want to anchor myself to a certain type of market, I prefer to experiment according to my personal canons of beauty and balance.