Feel Flow !, the duo headed by Cristian (Z.E.T.A) and Luke (The Boorkids), present an original mix of different musical influences. They are searching for fresh sounds within House music. "Mustache Ep. 01 ", their first work on miniMarket Rec and the release of the single" One By One " got positive feedback for their interesting sound. After these releases, the duo was admired and supported by several American labels including King Street Sound and Media Blackout. In 2014 and 2015 they participated in a live performance at "Club NL" during the ADE Festival in Amsterdam.


Playing music is a bit like telling a story, especially that of ourselves, we musicians. In today's world music it's very complex to label an artist with a certain genre, and it's increasingly essential to be open to new influences and experiments. How does this affect your set and your productions?

We come from completely different musical backgrounds, and this has greatly affected both our productions and our sets. Within the project "Feel Flow!" you can find sound effects ranging from hip hop to techouse.

For years, one wonders what the key is for an artist to pervade the soul of the listener with his own music. Is there a secret?

Surely you need to have passion, creativity and technical knowledge to be able to translate your ideas into music, obviously without forgetting one of the most important components: style!


How does your musical idea come true? Is it a purely intuitive development or a largely structured one?

We come from completely different musical backgrounds, our ideas are concerned with a creative flow that originates from personal productions, always maintaining the dialectical movement that is created between "I" and "other".It's a feature that has always struck our imagination ... a synthetic sound, the blur or aggressive timbre of a voice, the groove of a bass line ...