Playing music is a bit like telling a story, especially that of ourselves, we musicians. In today's world music it's very complex to label an artist with a certain genre, and it's increasingly essential to be open to new influences and experiments. How does this affect your set and your productions?

In many years of experience I had the opportunity to absorb, reject and take different musical genres, and I think that all of this environment strongly contributes to give a personal touch to my productions and my Dj sets.


For years, one wonders what the key is for an artist to pervade the soul of the listener with his own music. Is there a secret?

I do not think there's a secret. I think only about joy, magic, through which the music is outlined in a rainbow of sounds that can enrich anyone who hears it.


How does your musical idea come true? Is it a purely intuitive development or a largely structured one?

Surely everything starts from an intuition. As intuition is experience, it is the encrustation and mixture of tradition, events, effects and thoughts that are developed and anchored to our body since our birth. The development of the original idea needs a structure and a lot of discipline.