Riccardo Aquilanti and Alessio Forlani - members of the band "Giorni Anomali", started their musical production path by opening a small studio in Florence. At that time they had the chance to meet Vincenzo Mario Cristi, famous guitarist and frontman of the famous Italian band "Vanilla Sky", as well as famous Italian producer also active on the international music world (USA and Russia). Cristi later decided to produce the second full length album "Quello che non si impara a scuola" of the "Giorni Anomali".

What kind of collaboration have you been working on with Clockbeats?

When we heard about Clockbeats we immediately noticed the potential of the idea and informing us about who was "behind" we realized that they were just amazing and smart people who want to give a "shock" to the historical moment of stasis in which the music is laying. Our collaboration has found in Clockbeats a reality that we think can greatly expand our work by knowing a number of artists that a production team would not be able to reach by itself. We are not just talking about quantity but about Quality: the artists that gravitate inside the platform are innovative, original, full of potential. And we do not just talk about artists: the collaborations that Clockbeats boasts are many and not only around Italy but around Europe. Clockbeats offers to its "associates" and "customers" the opportunity to collaborate with music professionals coming from all over the world. It is just a network that never was.


What would you like to propose for the future?

As a production team we would like to promote all our works of course. We always select special customers, to ensure that all our products are at a certain level according to what Clockbeats represents today in the modern music scene. We are producing a lot Pop, rock, soul, and progressive. We are looking for the right labels for our artists and shortly we will release their work with a Clockbeats Studio brand.

Who have you worked with up to now?

As "Giorni Anomali" we are producing our music manly at Clockbeats studios of Viterbo and Florence. We try to write our songs according to the new technological music environmentthe but without loosing the sounds freshness of modern pop rock music.