After the launch of the application "JAM!", Clockbeats has decided to improve its sound libraries.
The Clockbeats team will now select a number of 30 participants all over the world and will take in consideration the most interesting and original proposals. Don’t miss this opportunity, send us your personal sounds!

Which are the features of this amazing application?

Designed as a music motion app, JAM is an innovative music maker. With it you will transform your device into a real instrument just shaking it.
It’s easy to create original Electronic, hip-hop or simply drum and bass beats with countless possibilities in endless combination.
Music is an indispensable element of our life as much as movement. One lives in the domain of time, the other one in the domain of space.
Now, imagine coloring the naturalness of your movements, with a musical trail, culminating in a groove. This is JAM: a musical mirror of your movements.


JAM it’s the perfect way to find a space for your ideas creating a 3D theater for your sounds.
Design your own performance only by shacking your phone and dancing with your music! Jam’s Library allows you to compose your favorite musical genre, increasing the sense of friendship, community, and fun.


Photo By Gianmarco Serena during a Tears of Change live presentation.

Do you want to be part of our future? Just try to send us your most beautiful and original composition, we will add them to our Jam’s Library, an application with over 300000 downloads in many different countries.

Play, have fun and take inspiration with JAM to create your own original beats. Be part of our future, design your sounds and share them with us!


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