Learning different ways to promote your music is essential if you want to make it in the music business. And getting your music featured on blogs is one effective way to promote your music and reach new audiences.


Include the release date, hi-res artwork, a press release or release bio, an artist bio, hi-res press photo, a link to stream your music, social media links, and your contact details. Even better, create an electronic press kit (EPK). Also, most blog writers prefer private links to stream music over downloading files. For example, a private DropBox or SoundCloud link.


Compile a list of the blogs you want your music featured on the most. Familiarize yourself with those blogs and the type of music they feature. Look for their website, SoundCloud, Facebook Page, Twitter account, and other channels. Also, find names and contact information for blog writers and editors. Lastly, see if there is a dedicated submission form and locate their music submission guidelines!


Once you have your list of music blogs, locate and carefully read their music submission guidelines. Most blogs have music submission guidelines displayed on their website.


Submit your music to blogs 3-4 weeks in advance when looking to score a music premiere or exclusive.


Carefully proofread your music submission before clicking send. Look for spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and other issues that could reflect poorly on you. A message filled with spelling errors, incomplete sentences, slang, and inappropriate language gives the impression that you’re not professional. It also shows that you’re not serious about your musical aspirations. Moreover, blog writers don’t want to fix a press release riddled with spelling and grammar errors.


  • It’s a professional courtesy to use the blog writers official email. Avoid messaging through social media to ask about getting your music featured.
  • Craft an enticing subject line that will persuade someone to open your email.
  • Personalize the email by mentioning the writer by name and including the name of the blog.
  • Write a sentence or two that compliments their work. Let the writer know you took the time to check out their content and that you are a fan of the blog. Also, reference other artists they featured in the past that are similar to you. This approach shows you did your research. It also helps establish a relationship.
  • Describe your music in a paragraph or two. Give a background story about the music you want to be featured and why you think its a good fit for the blog. Give them a reason to check you and your music out further.
  • Provide any details that may boost your pitch. Mention any notable music career accomplishments. Also, add key information such as your stage name, the genre of music, your location, and any related press coverage. Moreover, avoid overselling yourself, adding spammy details or being unrealistic. And, keep it short. Ensure your email or music submission is a quick and easy read.
  • Make it clear why you’re asking the writer to feature you. Politely ask the blog writer what you want. For example, a music premiere, exclusive, interview, music review, playlist feature, etc. Also, offer them a reason why featuring your music is beneficial for the blog.
  • Include links to stream your hosted music. Also, include links to your EPK, website or anywhere else someone can quickly find more information about you and your music. Moreover, avoid adding too many links and DON’T add attachments.
  • Finally, thank the blog writer for their time. Include a sincere thanks for taking the time to consider featuring your music.

For example, private SoundCloud links with the ‘Downloads’ feature enabled has become an industry standard. Moreover, sending a link to stream your track(s) is fast and easy. The easier you make it for someone to access and listen to your music the better.


Find blog writers that post articles about the same music you make and listen too. Follow their content, comment on their posts, and engage with them on social media. Familiarize yourself with their content and the other artists they write about on the blog.


Send a short, polite email to the blog writer asking if they received your email or submission and had a chance to listen to your music. The hard truth is, you may not get a reply from bigger publications. Especially if they’re not into your music or don’t think covering you will benefit the blog.

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