Besides being an active educator, Andrzej Kosendiak works as a conductor, particularly focusing on early music and historically accurate performances. He was one of the pioneers of performing early music with historical instruments in Poland.


He will be the guest conductor of the refined and sophisticated Polish Baroque project that will take place in Brescia, Warsaw and Cracow.
Thanks to National Forum of Music in Wroclav, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Conservatorio Luca Marenzio of Brescia, Royal Conservatoire of Den Haag, Consolato Generale della Repubblica di Polonia in Milano.

Event details:

On 14th November 2017 at 4 pm.

Conference on polish baroque vocal music in Salone Bazzini (Brescia Conservatorio)

On 17th November 2017 at 8.45 pm.

Concert in Salone da Cemmo (Brescia Conservatorio)